How to assign a screen

Aug 8, 2018 | Tutorials

For the system to display content your screen must have the iScreen client installed to its media player, be connected to the server and have content assigned to it. This is all easily controlled by the interface.

Install the iScreen Client

When you install the client software to your android or windows media player on first run you will get a screen that has a four letter code in the bottom right. This code will need to be added to the Screens section in the Interface to complete the connection.

Add the screen

Click the blue + icon and the select screen. (You can also add a group here to create a group of screens) and enter the code and a name for the screen – something that is relevant to how you want to distinguish your screen from potentially a number of screens. Location, floor level, room are common names.

Once the screen has been added the name you have added will replace the code. You can hide this name by right clicking on the screen in the home dashboard and then Manage screen / Display Screen Name / Hide

Manage and assign content

Once you have hidden the screen name you can assign any content you have created by this same context menu (“Content“) or by simply dragging content on top of the screen in the dashboard. You content will be displayed to the screen on an adhoc permanent basis. You can also schedule your content so that it only displays at certain times or on certain days. See How to schedule content.

The context menu also has the other controls for the screen including controls for resetting, restarting, removing, turning it off and others.

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