Digital Signage for Retail

With Digital Signage for Retail software from iScreen you can design presentations for any size of screen and portrait and landscape orientations. The major benefits of digital signage are the elimination of single-use printed material and the ability to change information and promotions instantly. You can change your text independently as text and images are separate elements. This means that you can offer a special deal and keep it immediate by saying for example “Today Only” or “This Week” and you don’t have the print costs of creating two different posters. You also have the flexibility of changing your promotion. You might start the promotion at 50% but it goes well and so you want to offer only 35%. This is simply achievable with iScreen. Your promotion campaigns can now be more creative and intuitive with your business requirements at any time. Digital Signage allows you to be incredibly versatile in how you run promotions and how you get your message across. iScreen is a digital signage system that is perfectly suited for retail marketing. 

Connecting existing data – pricing for example

You can also connect the display elements to external data. Pricing for example can be used automatically from POS data or speadsheet. This means that any price changes in these data sources will automatically be displayed on the screen – you will not have to do anything at all to the system to get your new pricing on display.

Some benefits of Retail Digital Signage

  • Maximise brand exposure – Digital Signage for Retail solution provides an opportunity to get more of your information to your audience. With multiple page presentations, you can maximise the information you can deliver to potential customers. You also are able to get your message and corporate brand philosophy across in an engaging way. Static printed media is limited in its scope and is not engaging.
  • Boost Sales – Nielsen Statistics show that customers are persuaded by digital signage adverts. Increase in sales of over 25% compared to print is not uncommon. 45% of customers said that digital signage would influence their planned purchase and they actually swapped to the advertised product. There’s no doubt that shoppers find digital signage engaging, informative and persuasive. Using screens in high dwell time areas can be very persuasive strategy.
  • Scheduling to target audience (dayparting) – iScreen allows you to schedule pages and presentations. This means that you can play content at specific times of day to target specific audiences. Targeting mums and children after schools hours would be a perfect example of this. This day-parting availability makes iScreen digital signage for retail a vital tool to targeted marketing.
  • Multi-screen and multi-site – With iScreen you can group any amount of screens together to synchronize the content. This can be effective so all screens show the same information at the same time. Great for window displays. You can also group these screens to display your content across these screens. If you have multisite outlets then you can send the same or different content to screens across your outlet network. This all helps in a modern marketing structure and allows for local or “global” storewide pricing and product differences.
  • Remote central control – iScreen can be controlled and accessed remotely. You can control your screens from any location. All you need is an internet connection. This means that you have 24/7 access to your system marketing tools.
  • Automatic information changes – iScreen digital signage for retail allows you to connect to data. This data can be used in the presentations ( pricing would be an obvious example ) and so your displays will automatically display and update this data. So, if you had a display showing a pair of shoes with the price of $24.99 and you changed the price to $22.49 in a connected data source then this change would be automatically fed to the screen. This makes digital signage a truly dynamic marketing solution that can be effective and time efficient.

Advanced Controls

By connecting sensors you can effectively make screens reactive. You can for example make screens react to the demographic of the live audience. This means that you can display ads related to people that all looking at the screen. Other sensors could display product information when a customer picks up a product. Integrating barcode readers is another way to make the screens interactive.Talk to us about these advanced possibilities.  

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