Digital Menu Boards

The perfect fit for Cafes, Restaurants and fast food outlets.

Digital Menu Boards are fast becoming the expected norm in cafes, takeaways, bars, restaurants and clubs. They provide easy visibility of menu items and an easy way to see what the food or dish actually looks like. The data displayed is easily changed making the menu itself and the pricing far more flexible than with traditional printed menus. Promotions and special menus are easily displayed immediately creating greater flexibility around menus and pricing and at a very low cost compared to traditional printed material. With a digital menu borad, you can change the menu listing and pricing whenever you want and immediately.

Digital Menu Boards

Simple design tools

The iScreen User Interface is tool rich and easy to use. It allows you to create an engaging, entertaining digital menu board with a variety of elements, animations and widgets. If you are familiar with creating PowerPoint or Google Slides content then you should find iScreen a similar concept. Elements include text, images, gallery, carousel, video, clock and weather widgets, graphs and charts, custom html, QRCode, GoogleDocs and more.

Using Data as Content

iScreen allows you to use external data to automatically add and update content to your digital menu board displays. This is a great feature for digital menu boards as you can add and edit menu lists and item pricing from a spreadsheet or an xml file from other data sources like your POS data. This makes maintaining a menu board a very simple time efficient process.

Digital Menu Boards – the major benefits

Pricing and Menu flexibility.

Digital Signage means you are not restricted by your printed information. You can change menus and pricing as much as you like as the information is simple updated to your digital signage screens. It also gives you greater flexibility with special menus and promotions. You can vary these as much as you like. You can create your promotions around your stock rather than a static offer that you had printed a month ago.

Scheduling and targeting customers.

You can schedule content so it displays automatically at a precise time of day. This is not only great for different menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner but you can also target individual groups at specific times of the day. For example children after school hours with tempting desserts! You can also run promotions at key times of the day. This type of scheduling or dayparting is a major benefit of digital signage and iScreen allows you to schedule not only whole presentations but individual pages too.

Print Costs.

Digital Signage means that you don’t need printed menu posters and less of a reliance on printed material. Your costs to get your menu and pricing on display are considerably lower. Making changes are also a lot lower in costs and a lot neater. No hiding out of stock items or stickers for price changes. Eliminating print costs and printing time is a great benefit.

Centralised control.

iScreen makes it possible to control all your menu and pricing centrally. From your laptop from anywhere with an internet connection, you can control your screens at any time day or night. No waiting for a week for the printers or waiting for artwork. Simply log into your account and edit your content.

Promote high margin items and cross sales.

It’s easy to promote your most profitable items at any given time. You can also promote cross sales easily – garlic bread with a pizza display, muffin with a coffee. Great images engage and persuade customers. Your digital menu boards should promote the products that you need to promote at any given time for increasing your profitability.

Memorable Customer Experience.

Digital Signage encourages customer brand and product memory. Customers remember information from digital signage engagement more than traditional advertising. This creates loyalty and increased sales. Customers are influenced by engaging animated signage content. Images are persuasive and influence customer purchases.

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