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Corporate Communications

Not all digital signage needs to be customer facing. There are plenty of offices that would benefit from having a digital signage system. Providing a communication channel for staff in multiple offices, floors, buildings is all possible with iScreen. You can target departments with their own relevant information as well as generic corporate notices that can be displayed on all screens.

Keeping your staff informed and educated about corporate policy, health and safety, sustainability, events, HR news and projects is a vital link in the chain of efficiencies that create a smooth running workplace. Digital Signage can create this link in a dynamic, engaging and entertaining way and get your messages across to your employees in a far more memorable way than traditional printed material. Statistics say that people remember details more from engaging digital signage than other methods of corporate communication. They trust the regular updated content and look to digital signage presentations to keep them up to date and in touch with what is happening within the business.


corporate digital signage

Live Data Content

Using live data from data sources is a great way to provide engaging information to your workforce. Showing sales figures, customer data, project progress, messaging and more all provide the latest information to your staff and all controlled from outside of the system. Simple spreadsheets can provide the data required to display important information. You can use existing data you have to streamline your workflow.

Using data as content is probably the most useful tool in a digital signage system and iScreen has the functionality built-in.

corporate project digital signage

Providing a digital communication channel across your business with digital signage can provide an easy way to keep your whole workforce up to date with the information required to run an efficient workplace. Staff will learn to trust and rely on the digital signage information as the place where they can be updated on business issues. Emails are read and forgotten. When employees see information in an engaging display they remember more easily and they are constantly reminded as they go about their working day. Subconsciously they will be absorbing the information on the screen. By offering space on the display to your employees for notices you can get them to be proactive and contribute to the information channel. 

Ask away about corporate digital signage.

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