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Signage Sectors

iScreen is suitable for all types of the business sector. Hospitality and Events, Retail, Workplace, Education, Government, Finance, Health, Transport….  

With the use of live data connections latest news, pricing, information can all be automatically integrated into digital displays.


Promoting your brand, your products and creating advertising and marketing campaigns is all possible as part of your Digital Out Of Home Advertising strategy.

iScreen has the tools and the network capability to operate on single screen or multi-screen and multi-site projects.

Public Facing

Getting information to your public is an essential requisite of a digital signage system.

Customers, students, visitors, patients all need up to date information to facilitate their experience in your environment. iScreen provides the opportunity to easily engage and entertain your public getting the right information to them in the right place at the right time.

Business Facing

Providing staff, tenants and other stakeholders with information is also a vital part of Digital Signage.

Safety, HR, Project Management, Facilities management and IoT dashboards are all information elements that an iScreen system can drive to your business facing audience. Keeping people informed improves effeciency.

The iScreen difference

Low-cost Digital Signage startup. Subscription or own outright solutions. Packages start from as low as $22.50 per week. That’s about $3 a day!

Ownership Options

We understand that not everyone is tech savvy or have IT resources that can help their business and workflow. iScreen is therefore available as an own outright solution or as a contract-free subscription cloud service model. 

Server Options

iScreen Digital Signage comes as either a cloud-based service or a on-premise solution. The cloud solution offers a low cost no IT/Server Hardware requirement. You can just concentrate on running your business. We take care of the rest!

Live Data Integration

Display live data to provide your latest information. Connect to external data sources so you that will automatically refresh to your displays whenever the original data changes.


Content element animations

Engage and capture your audience’s attention with stylish eye-catching animation effects for your content. Movement on the screen will always grab the attention of the passing audience.

Drag and drop editor UI

Our graphic content editor allows you to design the content structure, place and resize elements anywhere, with drag and drop and use as many layers as you want, to create irresistible contents.


Display Templates

Content presentations can have multiple pages which you can display in any order and set the sequence individually. Our content templates help you to easily create the digital signage content you need.

Android and Windows Players

Works on either Android or Windows media player platforms. Will work on any Android mobile device with our app from the Play Store. Download installer for Windows PCs.

Interactive - Touchscreen

Interactive screens for audience interaction and control of information viewers want to receive. Interaction provides users with the information they need on demand.

Sensor Integration

Would you like to start a particular content when somebody enters your shop? What if you could show different content to men and women? Our solution can help you with that.

Subscription and full ownership plans

You can pay by subscription. We have monthly and yearly licence key packages. You can also pay a one-off payment for lifetime ownership licence.

Want to know how iScreen Digital Signage works?

The User Interface

  • Easy to use drag and drop interface
  • Drag content elements to display space
  • Display of any size with portrait or landscape orientation
  • Schedule Content Presentations
  • Schedule Individual Pages within a presentation
  • Interactive for touchscreens
  • Data connectivity from XML
  • Animations for viewer engagement
digital signage

The Content Elements

  • Basic elements include text, images, shapes, clock, weather, scrolling text and custom code including html and url.
  • Simply click on an element to reveal easy to use sidebar element property controls for easy design.
  • Text and Image elements can be used as interactive buttons with Jump property.
  • Connect elements to an external xml data source for live updates.
  • Native Media elements for Gallery, Carousel, YouTube, UDP streaming and video files.
  • Play files from folders for image and video files.
  • Native Media elements for QR Code, Google Docs, Google Calendar.
  • Use Cool-text for 100 inbuilt text animations by letter or word
  • Use Pieces for 100 inbuilt image animations.
  • Facebook page and Twitter Social Media Widgets.
  • The Content elements allow you display other iScreen content within another iScreen page.
  • Add borders, shadows, layers and transparency to build a complex design simply.
  • Advanced elements include multiple graphs from data, interactive buttons and collect user data and have it emailed to you.
digital signage elements

Get your ads, messages and data to the right people at the right time with iScreen Digital Signage Software.

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